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Zippered Trifold Ali Leather Wallet (Blue)

1,300.00 650.00

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Wallet Type: Trifold

Type of Leather: Cow Leather, soft to touch and feel. Robust and long lasting

Color: Navy Blue

Made from 100% Genuine Leather.

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Much like the bifold wallet above, the trifold is a classic design that is also heavily favored by men.  What really sets the trifold apart is the number of compartments that are typically contained.  Therefore if you tend to carry more cards than the average person – a trifold will make an excellent choice.  However, just remember that overstuffing your trifold will make it bulge and may be uncomfortable when sitting down for longer periods of time.  Therefore it’s important to clean out a trifold wallet regularly.

A tri-fold wallet will have much more space than a bi-fold, which could also mean you are likely to cram your tri-fold full of everyday stuff that will result in it being overstuffed and once again, more susceptible to theft by highlighting it in your pockets due to its size and being more obviously in view and as a likely target for thieves.

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Zippered Trifold Ali Leather Wallet (Blue)

1,300.00 650.00

1 in stock