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Checkbook Wallet (Maroon)

1,800.00 600.00

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Wallet Type: Bifold

Type of Leather: Cow Leather, soft to touch and feel. Robust and long lasting

Color: Maroon

Made from 100% Genuine Leather.

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Also known as a coat wallet, breast wallet, or suit wallet, the men’s long wallets are made for suit coat pockets. Cash is inserted flat and doesn’t need to be folded and plenty of room for credit cards. Gentleman will utilize their inner suit pocket to carry this long bifold wallet.

If you are going to a special occasion or perhaps you simply just want a wallet that stands out from the crowd, the classic checkbook wallet may be worth your consideration.

You will want a wallet that is practical to use, comfortable to carry (in your pocket whether in a suit pocket, front or back pants pocket, a backpack), and attractive to hold. You will use your wallet many times throughout the day so be sure it is functional, stylish, and within your budget.

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Checkbook Wallet (Maroon)

1,800.00 600.00

Out of stock